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Bliss Relaxation is a wellness based therapy concept specialising in the ancient art of Thai massage, a proven technique with a 3000-year track record.


Our Vision: Simply wellness! Wellness simplified, anywhere, anytime! Wellness has become an integral part of our day-to-day living, enhancing our well-being and lives!


What are the advantages of using Bliss Relaxation: Bliss offers an unsurpassed, creative and innovative approach to on-site wellness in South Africa. As it is a practical and simplistic concept focused on quality service and skill with low capital intensity, the implementation can be realised over a relatively short time frame. We provide wellness services, setting a new industry benchmark. We live our well-being philosophy in relation to our clients, business associates and employees, creating a long-term win-win relationships.


We offer: We cover every sector in Gauteng, SA with mainly on-site treatments  (including individual, hotel, event and corporate packages). In addition, we offer studio treatments tailor made on the individual needs of our clients.


Mobile Bliss is our specialty and we have mastered the market in this regard. We will visit your premises and look at the facilities you already have in place and depending on how your business operates, we will mould our concept to fit you and your clients requirements. There is no need for an initial capital outlay as we provide everything needed for a wellness treatment.

Most treatments can be done in a hotel room, conferencing room, gymnasium or near a swimming pool. Payments are also made simple for the client by charging them through your establishment, (no cash changes hands on the day of the treatment) and in doing so,  the client views this as a service provided by your establishment.

Our mobile operating times are usually 10am until 8pm depending on your establishments requirements and / or operating times and we are very successful due to our flexibility. We have become very reputable especially amongst the hospitality industry because of our 5 star service including adaptability, reliability, honesty and general wellness attitude.

We are on-sight Spa specialists providing mobile treatments at any locations where spa services are required. Our therapies are designed to de-stress as well as offer you the ultimate relaxation and beauty experience available. Our client portfolio includes, residential lifestyle complexes, corporate companies, golf courses, event coordinators, deluxe and exclusive hotels and retreats in Johannesburg, Magaliesburg, at Hartbeespoort and residences at executive estates and suburbs in northern Johannesburg. For a weekend excursion you could find our services at each property below, each venue creates it’s own unique experience that will allow you to relax and enjoy the finer things in life!


Providing for every occasion: In addition we can tailor make an experience to suit your needs or arrange spa parties, perfect for a group of friends, at kitchen teas, stork parties, bridal parties etc. We also add a bit of excitement at your golf day as well as offer popular de-stress treatments for conferences and boardrooms. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day, buy your loved one a Bliss gift voucher or book a romantic weekend away and take advantage of our services at the above associated hotels and retreats. 



Thai wellness in motion

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